Wastewater Network Update

We are updating our data on Council's sewer manhole asset in the Otorohanga community.

These manholes are essential for the effective operation of the sewer system taking foul water from the users to the treatment plant.

Manholes are usually found where a change in the network occurs, like additional pipes adding to the network, change in the pipe gradient or change in direction.  

With every asset is it important to get as much information as possible and the accurate location, height and depth in important for the correct sewer system operation.

Council staff will be conducting surveys of manholes from 1-14 November and require access to do so. The survey should only take a few minutes and we appreciate your co-operation with this and please be assured that we will endeavour to minimise any possible disturbance.

Please let us know if there are any hazards we need to be aware of by contacting Andreas Senger on 07 873 4000.