Rating Information Database

The Rating Information Database is available for inspection at the office of the Council during normal Office hours.

The Rating Information Database records all information required by a local authority for setting and assessing rates on properties within their district. For each rating property this includes its valuation and any categories that belong to that property that are used to charge separate targeted rates.

This database does not include the name of the ratepayer nor any address other than the physical street address of the property.  Owners’ names and addresses are available for inspection unless Council has received a written request for them to be suppressed.


A form is available from the Council office in Otorohanga, or here [PDF, 39 KB], for any owners’ who wish to suppress their names and/or addresses. The completed and signed forms can be returned to the office, emailed to info@otodc.govt.nz or posted to Otorohanga District Council, P O Box 11, Otorohanga.