Consultation Document for Council's Long Term Plan

Council has adopted a consultation document in order to make some amendments to the 2015-25 Long Term Plan.

The 2015-25 LTP was focused on responding to the circumstances and key issues which existed at that time, but the world is a dynamic place, and circumstances and key issues can change. Such a change has recently occurred in the Otorohanga District, with the announcement of a number of major commercial and state developments that have the potential to move the District from a state of relative stagnation into a potential phase of significant growth.

These developments – the most notable of which is a proposed large expansion of the Waikeria Prison – collectively have the potential to create more than 600 new jobs in the District, and to offer a range of associated benefits. Council

Council does, however, believe that for these benefits to be most fully realised it (Council) needs to take certain new actions. The most significant of these actions is to conduct relatively large scale residential property development in Otorohanga to provide additional housing opportunities for potential new residents.,

These and other new economic growth-related works or activities are significant changes to what has previously been the ‘core business’ of Council, and also have substantial associated costs that have not previously been budgeted for.

These factors represent a fundamental change to the direction of Council as reflected in its previous Long Term Plan, and because of this, the Plan has to be accordingly revised. This revision is reflected in the preparation of this new ‘amended’ Long Term Plan for the remaining 8 years of the 2015 to 2025 period.

Consultation Document


The Consultation Document [PDF, 1.7 MB] is intended to outline key changes that are included in Council’s Amended 2015-2025 LTP, and to invite feedback from the community on these issues before that plan is finalised.

The Consultation Document and supporting documents are available from the Council Office, Libraries and from other outlets in the District.

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Make a Submission

Submissions on the Consultation Document are currently open. The submission period closes on Monday 27 March 2017.


Submitters need to indicate whether they wish to be heard  at the Council meeting to support their submissions. Submission hearings are scheduled for Tuesday 4 April 2017.