Traffic Bylaw

This Bylaw imposes controls on the use or public roads, footpaths and other trafficable public places in the District. This bylaw was last reviewed in 2011.

Main provisions of the Bylaw include:

  • Restrictions on the parking or stopping of vehicles in certain places on public roads or other Council owned land
  • Restrictions on the use of footpaths and other public places, including the control of items that can be placed on footpaths
  • Vehicle speed limits on roads or in other public places
  • Certain streets as being places where vehicles may only travel in one direction
  • Certain places where no person may ride or use any Skateboards, Scooters or Roller Blades
  • Certain Places where no person may ride a horse
  • Controls on the location, construction, maintenance and use of vehicle crossings and entranceways onto public roads


See Document Downloads to download the bylaw PDF.