District Plan

The Otorohanga District Plan was approved by resolution pursuant to Clasue 17 of the First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991 on 16 September 2014. The plan became operative on 30 October 2014

Otorohanga District Plan: Document

Otorohanga District Plan: Maps 

Map Legend

Otorohanga District Plan: Rural Maps


Map M1a         Map M2         Map M3
Map M1b         Map M5         Map M6         Map M7 
Map M1c         Map M9         Map M10       Map M11        Map M12
Map M4a                               Map M13       Map M14        Map M15
Map M4b                                                     Map M16        Map M17
Map M4c
Map M4d
Map M8 


Countryside Living Map 1: Otorohanga
Countryside Living Map 2: Kawhia

Otorohanga District Plan: Urban Maps

Otorohanga Kawhia Aotea
OtorohangaMapSheets  KawhiaMapSheets  AoteaMapSheets
Map B1                                      Map B8                                      Map B7  
Map B2                                      Map B9                                                        
Map B3
Map B4
Map B5
Map B6


Printed Copies

Printed copies of these documents can be viewed at Kawhia and Otorohanga District Libraries and at Council Offices. Printed copies of these documents are also available for purchase from Council Offices at the following rates:

Operative District Plan: $50.00
Operative District Plan Maps: $30.00

Please contact Councils customer service staff on (07) 873 4000 to arrange purchase and delivery of these.


For any enquiries please contact Council staff at the Council offices:

Phone: (07) 873 4000 or
Email: planner@otodc.govt.nz