Waste Management & Minimisation Plan 2012

The purpose of the Waste Management and Minimisation service is to provide efficient and safe collection and disposal of solid waste in an effective and environmentally acceptable manner.

To achieve this role, Council’s Waste Management and Minimisation management programme includes two transfer/recycling centres, kerbside waste and recycling collection. Council’s refuse and recycling collection is contracted out. Due to the District’s declining population, Council does not envisage any increase in the amount of refuse going to landfill. Council intends to continue to promote recycling in the District and extend recycling opportunities for the rural sector.

Safe and efficient waste disposal and recycling services are essential for maintaining public health in communities and protecting the environment. Residual waste is transported out of the district, as Council does not have a consented landfill in its district. Recyclables are stored before being shipped to market.

The Waste Management and Minimisation Plan was adopted by Council 19th June 2012

Also see The Waste Exchange website: www.nothrow.co.nz

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