Election Expenses

The following table represents the expenditure and donations of candidates in the October 2013 local body election for the Otorohanga District.

See Document Downloads for Expense Declarations.

Name SURNAME Election (Eg, Mayor, Council Ward, Community Trust, DHB) Expenditure Limit Actual Expenditure Donations
Maurice Mc Gregor  Baxter Mayor $7,000.00 $4,351.40 nil
Arnold Nicholas Van Straalen Mayor $7,000.00 $2,609.37 nil
Rachael Ann Membery Mayor/Council Ward $7,000.00 $2,586.63 nil
Deborah Mary Pilkington Council Ward $3,500.00 $569.76 nil
Annette Williams Council Ward $3,500.00 $842.80 nil
Nigel Shailven Chetty Council Ward/Community Board $3,500.00 $3,470.00 nil
Andrew Graham Ormsby Council Ward $3,500.00 $468.42 nil
Robert James Prescott Council Ward $3,500.00 nil nil
Philp Daryl Tindle Council Ward/Community Board $3,500.00 $400.00 nil
Christopher Edward Jeffries Community Board $3,500.00 $200.00 nil
Hano Waikato Ormsby Community Board $3,500.00 $230.00 nil
Alan James Rutherford Community Board $3,500.00 $200.00 nil
Callan Thomas Stewart Community Board $3,500.00 nil nil
Dave  Walsh Community Board $3,500.00 $230.00 nil
Evelyn Hinga Te Kura Whiu Community Board $3,500.00 $150.00 $200.00
Elisabeth Maria Cowan Community Board $3,500.00 $200.00 nil
Anne Campbell Laws Community Board $3,500.00 $408.62 nil
David Robin Williams  Community Board $3,500.00 $345.00 nil