Electoral System

The local Electoral Act 2001 allows a local authority to use either the First Past the Post (FPP) electoral system or the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system for electing its members.

Otorohanga District Council uses the First Past the Post (FPP) electoral system. Electors vote by indicating their preferred candidate(s) and the candidate(s) that receives the most votes is declared the winner, regardless of the proportion of votes that candidate(s) received.


Electoral Officer

The Electoral Officer for Otorohanga District Council is:

Warwick Lampp, electionz.com Ltd, PO Box 3138, Christchurch.
Ph:       0800 666 931
Email: otorohangadc@electionz.com


The Deputy Electoral Officer is:

Kat Brown-Merrin, Otorohanga Council, PO Box 11, Otorohanga
Ph: 07 873 4000
Email: kat@otodc.govt.nz