Council Policies Consultation

Council Policies Consultation

The Otorohanga District Council has prepared four proposed policies for the years 2015-2025 and is now seeking community feedback on the proposals outlined in these documents.

The policies we are seeking feedback on are;

 These policies are a requirement of the Local Government Act 2002 (The Act) and are designed to provide predictability about contributions for development, sources and level of funding and remission of rates if certain conditions are met.

In previous years these policies formed part of the Long Term Plan but changed requirements now mean that Council must consult on these policies separately pursuant to Section 102(4)(a) of The Act and adopt them prior to the adoption of the Long Term Plan.

Copies of the policies are available at the Council Offices, Otorohanga Public Library and Kawhia Public Library or by emailing

SUBMISSIONS are now invited on the proposed policies. The consultation period begins on 24th March 2015 and closes on 10th April 2015. Submissions will be heard at the Council meeting of 21st April 2015.

DC Clibbery