Otorohanga Community Board Elected Members

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Chairperson - Otorohanga Ward Councillor  |  Paul (Porky) McConnell

Deputy Chairperson  |  Peter Coventry

Community Board Member  |  Alan Buckman

Otorohanga Board Member Neville Gadd

Community Board Member  |  Liz Cowan

Community Ward Councillor  |  Katrina Christison


Otorohanga Ward Councillor

MCCONNELL PaulPorky OtorohangaWard

Paul (Porky) McConnell

Mobile 027 290 1922
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Deputy Chairperson

COVENTRY Peter OtorohangaCommunityBoard Custom

Peter Coventry

Mobile 0274 930 117
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Community Board Member

BUCKMAN Alan OtorohangaCommunityBoard Custom

Alan Buckman

Mobile 0274 993 712
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Community Board Member

GADD Neville OtorohangaCommunityBoard Custom

Neville Gadd

Mobile 021 192 4933
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Otorohanga Board Member

COWAN Liz OtorohangaCommunityBoard Custom

Liz Cowan

Mobile 021 055 1818
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Otorohanga Ward Councillor

CHRISTISON Katrina OtorohangaWard

Katrina Christison

Mobile 021 153 0774
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