Civil Defence

Visit the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group website for information on:

  • who to contact in an emergency
  • how to be prepared
  • how to put together a survival kit
  • updated information about emergency events.


Civil Defence Centres

In a civil defence emergency, Otorohanga’s response is coordinated from the Civil Defence Centre at the Council Office in Maniapoto Street, Otorohanga. The Council building has a standby generator to ensure that power disruptions do not hinder the response effort and also has communications equipment which provides alternate forms of communication in case any of the telecommunications networks are disrupted or overloaded. A minimum of two exercises a year are held at the Centre to ensure that our staff are ready to respond to any emergency if required. A Civil Defence Centre has also been set up at Kawhia to respond to any emergency that will impact on the Kawhia and Aotea Communities.


‘The 4 Rs’

The aim of Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) is to ensure the safety of people, property and the environment. We do this by identifying significant hazards in the community, determining community vulnerability to these hazards, and building community resilience to recover from significant events. Emergency Management focuses on 'the 4Rs':

  • reduction - identifying, analysing and mitigating risks to human life, property and the environment
  • readiness - developing capabilities before an emergency occurs
  • response - taking action immediately before, during or directly after an emergency
  • recovery - undertaking activities to restore the community's capacity to return to normal.