Roadside Pest Plant Management

Control of Roadside Weeds and Grass

 The Waikato Regional Council has published a Regional Pest Management Plan (2014/24), which includes details of plant pests to be controlled across the Waikato, for details see  

To support the farming community in controlling weeds, as required by the Regional Pest Management Plan, Otorohanga District Council undertakes weed control with herbicide sprays along rural roadsides.  This helps in controlling pest plants such as Blackberry, Gorse, Woolly Nightshade, Tutsan and Yellow Bristle Grass.                   

For full details of Councils pest plant control programme see our Roadside Pest Plant Management Plan in the downloads section for lists of weeds targeted, herbicides used and times of the year for spraying and for public notification requirements by the roads maintenance contractor.


Yellow Bristle Grass

Yellow Bristle Grass is a new threat in the District, being a very invasive plant offering little feed value for stock and is not attractive to grazing animals.  While herbicide spraying is expected to be effective in killing Yellow Bristle Grass, it is very likely to reappear the following year from existing seeds in the soil.  The recommended methods for full control from Dairy NZ and others are as follows;

• Better pasture competition, reduce pasture stress in October, November and December at the time Yellow Bristle Grass germinates

• Topping of seed heads (before viable seed set)

• Pasture renovation including a summer crop such as Chicory or Maize followed by a strongly established grass sward before winter

• Clean equipment which has mown seed heads before moving areas

• Leave a break of tall grass between infested areas and clear areas as a barrier for wind blown seeds

If you are aware of Yellow Bristle Grass on the roadside near your property, please advise Council so this area can be included in our spraying programme.