Stormwater and Flood Protection

Council provides stormwater drainage systems in Otorohanga and Kawhia to limit the potential for surface flooding in these communities.

In Otorohanga a system of stopbanks and flood pump stations is also provided (with the support of the Waikato Regional Council) to reduce potential for flooding of the community by the Waipa River.

Both the stormwater drainage and flood protection systems are designed to be sufficient to provide protection against most rainfall and flooding events, but they cannot provide absolute protection against the most severe events that could possibly occur.

When the Waipa River is at a high level it is not possible for stormwater to flow out of the Otorohanga by gravity, as it normally does. In these circumstances the flood pump stations at Mair Street, Huiputea Drive and Otewa Road are used to 'push' the stormwater out into the river. For the pumps to operate the water levels inside the adjacent ponding areas must first rise, and hence residents should not be concerned about these higher water levels.

The stormwater drainage system is provided for the disposal of rainwater and groundwater from the communities. It is not to be used for disposal of wastewater or any other contaminated effluent or toxic materials.