Happy Valley Milk (Land Use Consent)

RM160079 – Happy Valley Milk Ltd – Resource Consent Application –

Proposed Dairy Factory

The application documents are made up of an Assessment of Environmental Effects, Appendices and a number of technical reports. In addition to this a request for further information has been made to the applicant and the further information requested has been provided. This information are provided in .pdf format below.

Notified Resource Consent Submission.


Application Documents

RM160079 - Application Report

RM160079 - Appendix A - Certificate of Title

RM160079 - Appendix B - Layout plans

RM160079 - Appendix C - Integrated Transport Assessment

RM160079 - Appendix D - Noise Assessment

RM160079 - Appendix E - Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

RM160079 - Appendix F - Preliminary Site Investigation Report

RM160079 - Appendix G - Landscape and Visual Assessment

RM160079 - Appendix G - Landscape and Visual Assessment Attachments


Further Information Provided by Applicant

RM160079 - Applicant Further Information Request Response

RM160079 - FIR Attachment A (Golder Associates Ground Water Abstraction)

RM160079 - FIR Attachment B (Golder Associates - Stormwater Management System - Design Concept)

RM160079 - FIR Attachment C (Marshall Day - Noise)

RM160079 - FIR Attachment D (Isthmus - Shading)

RM160079 - FIR Attachment E (Golder Associates - Air Quality Effects Overview)


ODC Reports/Information Request

RM160079 - ODC Further Information Request

RM160079 - ODC Notification Report

The Otorohanga District Council has received a resource consent application from Happy Valley Milk Ltd to establish a purpose-built nutritional infant formula dairy factory consisting of two eight tonne per hour dryers capable of blending and canning infant formula and manufacturing Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) on land legally described as Lot 2 DPS 28580 (CFR: SA26C/1263), 5 Redland Road, Otorohanga

The Otorohanga District Council has assessed the application and determined that it is to be processed on a publicly notified basis.

Pursuant to Section 96(4) of the Resource Management Act 1991 any person has the right to lodge a submission with Council in relation to it.

Submissions must be made in writing to the Otorohanga District Council at P.O Box 11, Otorohanga 3940, and must include the following information:

  1. Your name, postal address and telephone number
  2.  Details of the application including the name of the applicant, the address of the subject site and what the application is for.
  3.  Whether you support, oppose or are neutral to the application
  4.  The reasons for your submission
  5.  The decision you wish Council to make
  6.  Whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission (i.e. whether you wish to speak at the hearing).


The closing date for receipt of submissions will be Friday 27 January 2017.  Any submissions received after 5pm on this date may not be accepted by Council.

You are also required to send a copy of your submission to the applicant, whose address for service is:

Happy Valley Milk Limited
C/- Aurecon New Zealand Limited
P.O Box 2292
Attn: Romae Calland