Parks and Reserves

Council has a number of Parks and Reserves available for the general recreation of residents and the general public.

Within the Otorohanga community these include sports grounds such as the Otorohanga Domain (for cricket and soccer) and the Island Reserve (for rugby). active recreational areas such as Windsor Park (childrens playground), Reg Brett Reserve (skateboard facility and basketball court), Huiputea Reserve (lake and walkways), and Rotary Park / Bob Horsfall Reserve (walkways).

There are also a few small passive ornamental or historic reserves, such as World War I Park (housing the Community's war memorials), the Bret McKenzie Reserve and the Huiputea Tree reserve.

The Kawhia Community has the Foreshore and Omimiti Reserves which includes a children's playground and skateboard facilities, and the Kawhia Domain, which is used for sports.

In addition to these areas for active recreation in the urban communities, there are a number of other small passive reserves in the rural areas.


Organised Events on Council Reserves

It is possible to obtain permission to hold events on some Reserves, provided that the nature and timing of the event is appropriate. Enquiries should be directed to Council's Customer Services team. Camping on reserves is generally not permitted.

Otorohanga DC administers a number of parks and reserves which the people of the district are able to enjoy for education and recreational purposes.

The land is managed by Council under the Reserves Act 1977. Under the Act, the Council can

  • Allow certain games, sports and other recreational activities to take place
  • Permit temporary events, including entry charges
  • Erect structures and buildings as necessary to support outdoor recreation.
  • Allow camp grounds, parking and mooring places
  • Grant leases for camping, outdoor recreation activites, building and structures that enable the public to obtain greater benefit and enjoyment of the reserve.

Note: Horses are not allowed on Council reserves.


Parks and Reserves in the District

Within the Otorhanga Community there is:

  • Otorohanga Domain
  • Island Reserve
  • Windsor Park
  • Brett Reserve
  • Huiputea Reserve
  • World War I Park
  • World War II Park

Within the Kawhia Community there is:

  • Foreshore Reserve
  • Domain
  • Omimiti Reserve

Rural reserves:

  • Tom French Grove
  • Te Puiti on SH31
  • Aotea