Trade Waste

A Trade Waste bylaw exists in the Otorohanga District to:

  • Control the nature of the discharges to the Otorohanga sewer system.
  • Assist in meeting resource consent conditions for the discharge of treated effluent.
  • Minimise possible problems from unwanted substances being discharged.


What does the bylaw do?

The Bylaw provides a mechanism for those businesses or premises creating effluent which is difficult or costly to treat, or substantially higher in volume than average, to bear a portion of the cost associated with treating that effluent.

View the Trade Waste Bylaw.


Trade Waste consent categories:

  • Controlled: Trade waste discharge meets Bylaw requirements with regard to quality and quantity. These Trade Waste premises pay a standard fee for verification.
  • Conditional: Non-standard discharges as a consequence of quantity or type. These trade waste premises pay fees based on factors that affect the treatment process.