Contractor Pre-qualification Information

Contractor Health and Safety Pre-Qualification Scheme

As a contractor working for a Waikato and/or Bay of Plenty Council, we would like to advise you of a new health and safety initiative.

Waikato and Bay of Plenty Councils have teamed up to make employing contractors and checking health and safety requirements easier. A new streamlined pre-qualification process will ensure Councils are using contractors who operate with effective health and safety management systems and are holding current and relevant insurances.

This simple process will help us meet our responsibilities as Councils to ensure that contractors, working for or on Council assets and/or supplying services, have effective health and safety systems to prevent harm to people and the environment or damage to property.

The easy to follow process involves contractors applying for a pre-qualified ‘approved’ status, using an easy to follow system provided by SHE Software NZ Ltd.  To be able to complete the process, an email address will be required to enable the application form to be received.  Contractors will need to complete the questionnaire and submit the application online, providing health and safety documentation to show they understand and comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and any associated Regulations.  The application will be evaluated by a health and safety professional.  Once the evaluator is satisfied with the contractor’s health and safety management systems, the contractor will receive a confirmation email advising of their ‘approved’ status.

Once a contractor is ‘pre-qualified,’ their status is valid for two years at all participating Councils.  Insurance checks will be conducted annually and new certificates requested as existing insurances expire.  Councils will not allow you to carry out work for them if you cannot prove you are insured.

Site specific safety plans will still be required when physical work is to be carried out and Council representatives will monitor the performance of each contractor. The pre-qualification process is not a guarantee of work; however it may give the contractor an advantage in the selection process - as they will have already met the Council's pre-requisite health and safety expectations.

There is a cost associated with the application process.  The fees (to be paid online upon applying) are:

Number of Employees

2 Yearly Fee (excl GST)

Less than five


Between five and twenty-four


Twenty-five and more








Plus Insurance registrations - at application and upon insurance expiry/renewal of $25 per insurance type  (excl GST)

The pre-qualification system will initially be piloted with some pre-qualified contractors.  Contractors who are not currently pre-qualified will be contacted by each Council once the pilot is completed, and directed to the website so that they can apply online.  Those contractors who have a current pre-qualification that has been accepted by the project team will receive automatic email notifications two months prior to the expiry of that pre-qualification.

Each Council will set its own deadline as to when all relevant contractors are required to be pre-qualified.  A set of FAQs has been developed to answer some expected questions and is attached to your email. Any other questions should be directed to the Council’s health and safety staff.

As contractors become pre-qualified, company/industry details will be accessible on a database.  This will provide visibility to contractors and Council staff to identify who is approved, assisting with the tendering process and Council procurement.