Stock Control

Stock Control Bylaws

There are large quantities of various stock and other animals in the District.

In order to avoid issues of nuisance and to protect public health, Council enforces some control relating to these animals.

These controls are enforced through the following two Bylaws:

This Bylaw requires that stock, poultry or bees are not kept within the Ōtorohanga and Kāwhia urban communities as they may cause a nuisance.

Stallions or roosters, particularly, may not be kept in these communities.

This Bylaw also requires that dead stock or poultry are disposed of in a prompt and appropriate manner within the boundaries of the Ōtorohanga and Kāwhia communities.

The Stock Movement Bylaw outlines the regulations relating to moving stock along or across public roads.

According to the Impounding Act 1995, Council may impound stock that are wandering or trespassing.

For details on the fees and charges applying to impounded stock, please visit: Stock Control Fees and Charges

Council's Bylaws do not specifically relate to issues of animal welfare, but if contacted in relation to such matters, Council will provide assistance by contacting relevant authorities or otherwise addressing the matter.

Please visit the following link to contact the SPCA in relation to matters of animal welfare: SPCA Website

Emergency Situations

Stock wandering on roads or in other public places can, in some cases, represent a significant threat to public safety.

In such cases, Council can be contacted directly on 07 873 4000, 24 hours a day.