RM180097 - 128 lot subvision

14 November 2019 - 



1 October 2019 -

NKC Developments Ltd

Resource Management Act 1991

Notice of Hearing


In accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991, notice is hereby given that the resource consent application lodged by NKC Developments Ltd with Otorohanga District Council for:


Reference Id

Activity Description


   Subdivision   of Lot 2 DP 342000 (RT 172725) and Lot 36 DPS 7771           

   (RT   50B/826) to create 128 residential lots



in the vicinity of Harper Avenue and Thomson Avenue, Otorohanga and the submission[s] thereto will be heard by independent Hearing Commissioner Mr Alan Withy on Wednesday 16 October 2019 commencing at 10.00am. The venue for the hearing will be the Council Chambers, Otorohanga District Council, 17 Maniapoto Street, Otorohanga.


With respect to the compulsory timeframes for the pre-circulation of evidence:


  • The Section 42A report [PDF 1.68 MB] and appendices [PDF 6.27 MB]will be made available to all parties by 4 pm on 8 October 2019, being 5 working days before the hearing.
  • Briefs of evidence in chief to be tendered at the hearing by any submitter must be lodged with Otorohanga District Council by 4 pm on 8 October 2019, being 5 working days before the hearing.


Where documents are lodged, Otorohanga District Council shall immediately on receipt attend to service of these documents on all other parties to these proceedings. Such service may be undertaken by posting the documents to its public access web site and advising parties of such posting. 


If you have any queries regarding the above information and/or arrangements, please contact Andrew Loe at Otorohanga District council.


Andrew Loe

Group Manager Environment

Otorohanga District Council


Application Detail

Otorohanga District Council has received an application from NKC Developments Ltd for resource consent as described below:


Consent Type:

Discretionary Activity Land Use Consent

Discretionary Activity Subdivision Consent


Proposed Activities:

1. To undertake subdivision for the purpose of creating 128 new residential lots and the associated vesting of reserves and roads over four stages with a consent duration of nine years.

2. To undertake earthworks over an area of 9.9 hectares including 73,000m3 of cut, 91,000m3 of fill and associated reduced levels of up to 8.0m in height and fill areas up to 4.6 metres in depth.

3. A request to concurrently exchange existing recreation reserve land for other land under Section 15AA(1)(a)(i) of the Reserves Act 1977 (conjointly with the application for subdivision consent).


Activity Location:

The land concerned with the application is located at 36, 40 – 42 Harper Avenue, Otorohanga and is comprised in 2 existing certificates of title legally described as:

• Lot 2 DP 342000 (CFR: 172275)

• Lot 36 DPS 7771 (CFR: SA50B/826)