Child Restraints

Most people with young children already know the importance of the three stages of Child Restraints. But most is not all and we don’t want to lose even one child in a cash because they are not fitted correctly in their child restraint.

There are three stages of Child Restraints:

With all three stages you must carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The safest place for a child restraint is the back seat.

Stage 1

Rear-facing infant restraints:

The baby is facing the rear of the car: never put a rear-facing restraint in the front seat if there is airbag: Chest clips sit at the baby’s armpit level: Blankets on only after the baby is firmly secured into the harness: Stay in a rear-facing restraints until they are at least two years old or are over the restraints manufacturer’s recommended weight or height restrictions.

Stage 2

Forward-facing child restraint:

The back seat is the safest place for a child restraint: You child restraint should not wobble, if it does not fit firmly seek advice from a registered child rest restraint technician: If the restraint comes with a tether strap is must be used: If your car does not have an anchor point you must have one fitted by a qualified mechanic: Chest clips sit at the child’s armpit level: harnesses must fit snugly an comfortably against your child: Children have outgrown their restraints when they are over the manufacturer’s recommended weight or height for that model:

Stage 3

Booster seat:

Never use a booster with a lap belt only: Back seat is the safest place for a child booster: If the booster has a harness use it until the child reaches the manufacturer’s height and weight limit:

Use the safety belt guide if there is one: the safety belt goes over the child’s shoulder not resting against the child’s neck: a full booster with an adjustable head rest will provided better protection then a booster cushion.

Up until a child’s 7th birthday it is law for a child to use a child restraint while travelling. But the real measure of safety is not age its height. It’s safer to wait till you’re 148cm.



Always read your car manual and child restraint manual before buying a car seat or booster seat.

All booster seats and child restrains must meet approved Safety Standards.

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