Road Safety Projects

  • On-going road maintenance, including: resealing, road-widening and road reconstruction where and when required.
  • Roadside vegetation clearance and benching of roadside batters to improve visibility around corners.
  • Twice-yearly driver refresher courses for seniors.  An opportunity to update them on any road rule changes and provide advice on keeping safe while out driving.
  • Organise and support “Child Car Restraint” clinics with our local Police.
  • Facilitate up to eight “Fatigue Stops” every year. We encourage drivers to stop, take a break, have some food and discuss the dangers of driving while tired. These are generally targeted at ski traffic and holiday makers travelling through our district.
  • Organise Road Safety Week campaigns every year and additional summer holiday campaigns to promote road safety.
  • Novice Driver Training Programme – a joint initiative with Waitomo District Council.  This programme helps support and guide our local youth through their driver licencing process from learners through to full.
  • Over the past five years there has been a big push to work with our rural schools and help make the approaches to and adjacent parking safer for everyone. New “WigWag” flashing lights have been installed in six rural school zones to enhance driver awareness of the school area and alert drivers as to when the school is active.