Ōtorohanga District Council is creating a blueprint for the future of Ōtorohanga Town. To better understand Ōtorohanga and the community’s aspirations for it, we need your input!

THE DRAFT PLAN IS HERE!!! Submissions on the draft plan close 15 August. Click the survey box below to tell us what you think.

Ōtorohanga District Council is developing a concept plan for the Ōtorohanga township.   

The Council has teamed up with consultants from Resilio Studio, WSP and Drawn to develop the Ōtorohanga Town Concept Plan, or for short the ŌTCP. 


What is a Town Concept Plan? 

The Ōtorohanga Town Concept Plan (OTCP) will identify where and how our town can grow, as well as help guide future developments in and around the town centre.   


It helps Council set the right policies and plans to enable the community, businesses and organisations to help bring the plan to life. The OTCP contains an action plan the community helped develop, so will guide future projects for Council, and provide direction to help create the future the community wants. 


What’s happening now? 

You’ve helped the team by participating in early engagement phases, telling us what you think the future of Ōtorohanga township should look like.  Strong key themes and potential actions emerged as a result of those conversations and surveys. 

The team has put all that together and created the Draft ŌTCP and it’s now ready for formal consultation.  We need you,  to check it over and either give it the tick of approval or suggest any changes.   Here is the formal online submission form to tell us what you think. 


Why your views matter 

To produce a great plan that meets the needs and aspirations of the whole community, it’s super important that the ŌTCP Team hear your thoughts and ideas. Through the first engagement we heard your vision, aspirations and the opportunities you see for our town, and also what the challenges are that could prevent Ōtorohanga from reaching its full potential. With the second engagement you told us whether the key themes that emerged were right, and you helped us refine some of the thinking.   

We are now at the last step which is equally crucial. This is where you can make a formal submission endorsing the Draft ŌTCP or you can tell us if you think something needs changing and why.  


Click here for the submission survey

Formal submission survey 

Click here to download the pdf version of the survey.

This survey closes on 15 August 2022.

Draft Plan
DRAFT Ōtorohanga Town Concept Plan (click to download)

How you can participate... 

We are now in Phase 4 (shown in the timeline below) where our consultants have created the DRAFT Ōtorohanga Town Concept Plan, to lead us into the future. 

We want to hear your thoughts on the Draft ŌTCP.  We will hold a public drop-in session on 6 August at St David’s Church corner  Turongo and Ranfurly Streets from 9 am to 2pm.The plan, supporting documents and submission form are available in the drop boxes to the right.  

Use the form to tell us if you agree with the draft or if you think something needs changing and why.  If you want, you’ll even have a chance to talk to Councillors and the Ōtorohanga Community Board members about your submission at a formal meeting called a hearing. 

Following the hearing the Council will adopt the ŌTCP with any suggested changes that they agreed with. 

AND then we put the plan into action!